We are siblings that grew up with a very creative and business minded household. Whilst our mum spent time teaching us Art and using our creativity to create things, our dad taught us the passion and drive to start something great and work hard for what we believe in. Our parents have their own companies and have built this themselves, and with our help too. We are continually inspired by our parents who taught us the value of hard work, thinking outside the box and being ourselves.

We launched Recreate Photography in January 2019 putting our focus on offering photography for events, headshots and fashion. Whilst we steadily grew over a year we were then hit with the pandemic where there were new rules that restricted what we could offer our customers. We used this as an opportunity to explore our individual passions and adapt our business to expand the services that we offer to our customers. This is where Recreate HQ Ltd was launched. With additional services for graphic designs, custom made products and photography. Click the logos below to see our work.

We are keen to meet and work with like minded people, so if you think that you could benefit from working with us in any of our departments we would love to hear from you!

Have you worked with us before? 
We are always interested to hear how we did, so whether its a custom drawing that we did for you, or a personalised product or even for your little sister's birthday party photos, please leave us a review on google!

A bit about us...

How Recreate hq started...

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