747 Christmas Decorations

Living on the flight path for London Heathrow Airport, we have grown up around planes, especially British Airways planes. The most iconic aircraft at British Airways after the mighty Concorde is the queen of the skies, the Boeing 747's.

Due to the pandemic of 2020 the British Airways and Virgin Atlantics 747's were retired earlier than expected, due to more efficient and eco-friendly aircrafts that have come into service like the Boeing 787's and Airbus 350's. As a tribute to the amazing 747's at British Airways and Virgin Atlantic we created these 747 snowflakes and 747 baubles to hang on your tree this Christmas.

Made out of quality silver, gold and rose gold mirrored acrylic plastic all with either navy or white satin ribbon to hang it on your tree! Limited stock! so if your a plane fanatic get yours now before they sell out! Let us know what you think of this product range, any other planes you would love to see?

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