Christmas Angels

These angels were created in memory of our grandparents and uncle! Our grandparents unfortunately passed away this year. They were both such kind souls always looking out for everyone, from their grandchildren to random people on the street. We were lucky enough to have had an amazing childhood growing up with them and their amazing support by all of our sides, moulding us into the people we are today. Unfortunately me, my sister, brother and my cousins never met my uncle as he passed away before we were born, however his stories and memories have lived on, he was a tribute to his parents and brother and sisters, a kind soul and thoughtful person. One particular attribute we constantly have heard about growing up was his love for animals. He used to bring home injured animals to help nurse them back to health, from pigeons to dogs.

Our grandparents and uncle were always about giving back, to the community and those in need. They contributed to charities and helped wherever they could within the community. These angels were created in memory of them for my mum, to hang on our tribute christmas tree for our grandparents and uncle. We thought they were soo nice and got some amazing feedback on them so we decided to create this product to sell to give back to charities in their name.

All profits from this product will go to Alzheimer's Society and British Heart Foundation! You can personalise each angel to say whatever you want on the front and all the profits will be donated to charity every month! Keep up to date on here to see how much we have raised with the support of our amazing customers!

These Angels are made from high quality mirrored silver acrylic plastic with a white satin ribbon to hang them! These products although advertised on a Christmas tree, are for all year round, we will be hanging ours by photos of our grandparents and uncle.

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