Personalised Kids Activity Pack

Growing up, our amazing and creative mum used to run art classes for our family and friends, with crazy and fun creative activities every week! Learning since we were young to always think outside the box. We applied all our art skills in everything we did growing up!

We as a creative hub believe that art inspires! No matter what field of work you want to go into, creative thinking is something which will set you apart from others and help you progress!

This activity pack was designed with our amazing mum and her brand Asha's Creations, and is a tribute to her classes she did with us growing up! This pack includes a personalised wooden letter set to spell out the name of your choice, alongside paint, brush and a mixing pallet.

This kit will not only be a really fun activity for children to complete but something they can use to learn how to mix colours and be creative.

This would be a great gift for your family and friends children and is targeted for children 5+

Let us know what you think of these packs, would you like to see more of these packs in the future?

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