Recreate HQ Ltd Launch

So the recreate photography you all know and love has expanded into a creative hub. Working with three sectors we can now offer so much more to our clients!

We still have Recreate photography and videography! Working with mua’s, models, fashion designers and actors on portfolio work. We are always looking for collaborations so please do get in touch if you feel like we could work well on a project together.

One of the new divisions we have added to the creative hub is Recreate Graphics. A division which was born out of the lockdown of 2020. We expanded our company to offer our clients and others personalised graphics of themselves. We specialise in creating personalised graphic drawings from your photos. We have worked with influencers and music artists on work, as well as personalise graphics for presents for family and friends! For our latest work and to keep up with what we are getting up to follow us on Instagram!

Another division brought out of lockdown 2020

is Recreate Laser, a sector which specialises in creating personalised laser cut products. We strive to work with businesses directly to manufacture personalised or specific designs for them. We also sell directly to the public, on commissioned work and also selling our own personal designs via our shop on our website.

We really appreciate all the support we have been getting from all of our friends, families and clients! and we look forward to working with more in the future!

If you feel like you personally, your company or someone you know could really Benifit from working with us, please do

get in touch!

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