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New Year... New Website!

We’re super excited to relaunch our website for the 3rd time since we started our business, with improved user navigation, updated information and a cleaner and clearer design.

We’ve grown up our whole lives looking at everything and thinking ‘if they can do that, we can too’! So even though we haven’t had much website development experience, we’ve researched how to make a website and asked for some help from our followers to give us some feedback. Thanks to this we’re now at a stage where we can officially say our new website is up and ready to be used!

There’s always room for improvement, and whilst we will continue to improve our website and update the content regularly, we would love to hear from you if there are any features you think we are missing or should change! Reach out to us over email –

We hope you enjoy going through our website to learn more about us (Nikki & Locks) and what we do! Find out more about our business here.

Our new website comes with a new affiliate marketing page, with hopes for us to collaborate with other companies within the wedding industry and in exchange offer commission on our products! If you think this can benefit you or someone you know please fill the form on the page

We will do another blog post soon talking a bit more about the affiliate marketing that we are offering, how it works, and the benefits for your business!

Speak soon…


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