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The PERFECT gift for Valentine’s Day!

When I say we have the PERFECT gift for valentine’s day… I’m not joking! A gift that is personalised to you both… our Large candle holder made from veneered American black walnut wood makes the most special and unique gift. Not only do you have a choice of our standard design with personalised names, but we welcome people to contact us for completely Customisable versions of this! Whether you want to change the size, design, wood type or varnish… we got you! Some of our custom designs include the kids names on the sides!

The product comes with gift wrapping included and a choice of either rose gold mirror or black mirror ‘will you be my valentines’ hearts joined by either blue or red ribbon!

This product was made as a valentine’s day gift, and they loved it so much which was why we decided to launch this as a product! In fact, that’s how a lot of our products come to market!

To ensure that you receive your Valentine’s day gift in time for Valentine’s day, make sure you order no later than 4th February.

The link to the product is HERE, or you can email us for custom orders Please remember that fully custom orders may take longer, and we ask you to order these before 1st Feb.

We hope you all have special plans for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

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